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Account Based Marketing

Customer led - Team enabled - Integrating the power of Marketing to accelerate engagement for competitive immunity.

COE - Center of Excellence

Enabling your business transformation for a better customer engagement.


In today's dynamic landscape, exceptional leadership thrives on the art of coaching, elevating the needs of team members to paramount importance, while zealously cultivating a harmonious and compassionate work milieu that fuels collaborative brilliance.


Business Transformations

Trends - What we see | disruption in the business environment.trends - What we see | disruption in the business environment.

Business Transformation Consulting CEO of the Year 2023

Dominique’s award-winning expertise and vision have earned her the prestigious recognition of Business Transformation Consulting CEO of the Year 2023. READ MORE

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KAM Leader Series: Shaping Innovative Solutions

KAM Leader Series: Shaping Innovative Solutions By Dominique Côté Co-authored by Tania Lennon, Global Space Lead, Talent Assessment and Leadership at ZS and Dominique Côté, CEO and Founder, Cosawi and Principal, The Summit Group SAMA is proud to offer this 3rd...

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Transformation through Agile Leadership

FROM EXECUTIVE SPONSORSHIP TO EXECUTIVE ENGAGEMENT Dominique Côté   The idea of executive engagement impliesan accountable and engaged member of the account team, rather than a distant back- room player. In our organization's work, we see much confusion and lack...

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Thinking Globally and acting local

Thinking Globally and Acting Local     The COE creates the fine balance by driving the corporate shift, aligning the vision and mindset and providing an aligned communication and business process while enabling the local groups to focus on customer...

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Creating customer-centric curricula

Creating Customer-centric Curricula   Simplicity and sustainability are created when we move from role competencies and curriculum to customer centric curriculums When looking at SAM's competencies and skillset, many of our clients struggle to integrate and connect with the diverse...

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Developing and enabling the cultural shift

Developing and enabling the cultural shift needed in the new SAM business model The COEs an emerging best practice and critical success factors that can be the catalyst to create the right mindset process and skillset while ensuring evolution and...

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Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence: A Critical Lighthouse to Provide Successful Journey Direction & Leadership So, what is a COE? One could argue that in today's environment that COEs (Center of Excellence) is overused. Whether you call it COE or “SAM program...

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Want to accelerate your SAM journey?

Want to accelerate your SAM journey? Three critical areas to tackle. Disruption, although most times unwelcome, gives way to innovation. Could the mother of creativity and innovation be, in fact, disruption?  This last year has certainly proven this saying in...

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Transformation through Agile Leadership

Transformation through Leadership Dominique Côté Helping leaders with crossroads decisions through executive and team coaching. Partnering with organizations to accelerate business transformations and customer-centricity through SAM roadmaps. The business world is currently a fascinating incubator of innovation where being agile, adapting and pivoting...

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COE Components: Avoiding Complexity

COE Components: Avoiding Complexity Avoiding the tendency toward too much complexity and focusing on the center of excellence components that are really needed is an art. The essential components of a COE are also important drivers for success. Avoiding the tendency toward...

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Customer-Centric vs. Roles Curriculums

Customer-Centric vs. Roles Curriculums Training curriculums are a essential tool to initiate and install internal collaboration and bring cohesion. Learning and development capabilities need to be integrated into the COE to build a customer-centric curriculum. This curriculum ensures that every customer-facing individual is aligned...

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Building global excellence

Building Global Centers of Excellence The center of excellence has emerged as a best practice for stabilizing organizations Much has been said about the challenges and values of building global centers of excellence for key account management (KAM) and strategic account management (SAM) as...

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Towards a healthier sales model

Towards a healthier sales model Pharma needs to transform the way it engages customers if it is to adapt to disruption in the healthcare landscape For the past 20 years, I have been involved in pharma discussions regarding the need to radically change...

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A SAM Journey & COE Keynote

A center of excellence is a critical success factor in any Strategic account management journey. Listen to a keynote from Dominique’s corporate time where she shares her journey in different organization and her learning. Key NOTE Strategic account management organization...

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